„When the birth of fire erupts forth from the ocean’s depths“

Time for another guest contribution on my blog: This time, my good friend Gerry White from Hawai´i is writing about his phototours in Hawaii. He is specialty is landscape photography on the Island of Oahu. If you want more pictures please contact Gerry. Or give me a short note, I will send it to Gerry.

Here is Gerry´s story with amazing pictures from the beautiful Islands of Hawai´i

„I put down my morning cup of coffee, feel the tug of adventure contained within the small shoulder bag at my feet, and ponder where the tradewinds of fortune will take me today. Heeding the voice of adventure, I reach down to open the bag of mysteries called my camera bag and grasp the talisman of adventure called my camera. With a big smile on my face, I dream of the possibilities before me.

In my mind’s eye, I drive down darken streets in my time machine and roll through the mountainous valley, being drawn toward my first waypoint. At last, I arrive, step out of my time machine, and breathe in the scent of the sea. I walk down the small hill to the water’s edge, looking at the calm waters and the ominous mountain ridge plunging down into the depths toward Davey Jones locker. Absorbing the beauty of the pre-sunrise splendor, I take up arms with my talisman at the ready to capture all before me. The birth of fire erupts forth from the ocean’s depths.

01 Birth of Fire

Quickly, I take aim and capture the beauty of birth when suddenly a parade of colorful boats marches down the avenue of calm. I spin around, take aim, and again capture the scenic delight presented by the cascade of colors and background of formidable mountains.

02 Cloud Bank of Boats
After a breath-taking morning’s parade of color, I venture onward to the North Shore of Oahu. Traveling into Kaneohe, I gaze upon the awesome view of the Koolau Mountains and think how majestic they look.

02b Hoomaluhia Park

Driving onward, I see the most unusual Christmas Tree in Hauula.

03 Fisherman Float Tree-imp

Well, perhaps Santa’s site of goodies is a stretch of my imagination, but how does one go about collecting all these fishing floats? Realizing Christmas has come and gone for the year, I continue on to the North Shore. After some hard searching, I spot my secret find … in plain sight. I exclaim, “Look, a wild herd of turtles!”

04 Wild Herd of Turtles

After frolicking with the turtles, I head back toward Laie Beach Park for the moderate surf. However, as I step out of my time machine and gaze upon what I thought would be an idyllic, calm sandy beach; I see the beach’s true surfer name has come into being. Pounders Beach is alive with crushing waves smashing into the monolithic outcropping. Standing before wave and sun, hoping not to fall off the sheer wall, I look out and spy a fellow adventurer even closer to the perilous edge of wave and death.

05 Misty Morning at Pounders Beach-impI catch my breath and pull my sanity out of my pocket to pop it back into my head before seeking something more calming and sedate. At the West Loch Community Beach Park, I take in the passive delight of evening’s dawning.

06 Sunset at Westloch

After taking in the wonder, I turn around and stand agog as what arises from the depths of the water but a mysterious monster of fire.

07 Burning Wool

I stand there, amazed at the circle of fire, drawn into its calming assurance, when suddenly, all goes black. I look about for the mysterious sea monster of fire to no avail.

So, I hop back into my time machine and drive down to Waikiki for a little livelier action. Upon arriving, I pass through the gathering of beachcombers and sun worshipers and see in the darken sky an immersive array of colors.

08 Fireworks at Waikiki

I stand there, mesmerized by the brilliant cascade of colors, and wonder how much one sky can hold before my eyes go blind in amazement.

Suddenly, all goes black in my mind’s eye … I awaken with my camera in my hand. Aw way, what a gorgeous dream! I stand up, pick up my camera, and walk out the door, wondering what adventures I will find today.“

Here are some more pictures from Gerry´s Phototours:

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Visit http://www.gerrywhite.net for unique gifts featuring his landscape photographs.


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