Zite – the new iPad Magazine

This week I found Zite, a new Magazine for iPad. It is a personalized magazine. You can compare it with Flipboard, which I use now for a long time. But a few days ago I switched – at the moment – to Zite. When you download the app it begins immediately to personalize the content. First of all you get asked to use a Twitter-Account or your Google Reader. Zite is very adaptive and recognizes automatically which content you prefer.

You have different sections. At the moment I use the sections Mac, Photography, Social Media, Technology, Travel Blogs and Tips, World News. There are a lot of more sections, I can customize. Every section and every article – of course – has a posibility to publish it on Twitter, Facebook and send it as an Email. At the moment I have no idea, if Zite will substitute Flipboard. But I will check it out. Anyway: Where is the Like-Button?

By the way: Here is the official Zite-Video.


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